Professional Production Assistance in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei

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Professional Production Assistance provided in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia

We are your one-stop production assistance solution for Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Filming Permits

Filming Permits and Work Visa are not difficult to obtain, but the amount of bureaucracy is substantial. Read more.

Scouting & Research

The key to a successful production is proper preparation. We scout and research for you stories, locations, wildlife and talents.


Be it a 4WD Vehicle, Bus or Van, Helicopter, Charter plane or Boat, we arrange the transport you need for your crew and equipment to safely arrive at your destination. We only use experienced and certified drivers.


In urban centres there is plenty accommodation for every budget and requirement. At remote locations we can provide you with customised arrangements from staying with villagers to luxury portable tents or containers inclusive catering.


Every producer knows that a hungry crew is bad for business. Catering can be provided for every budget, special dietary requests included.

Filming Equipment

We work with rental film equipment houses in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta to get the gear you need. If you bring your own gear from abroad, make sure you have the necessary documentation. We can advice on what you need.


Talents from the region are mostly non-union. Looks range from various island native tribes, Indo-Malay and Chinese to Indian and Eurasian. Most professional talent agencies are based in the larger Southeast Asian metropolises.

Support Crew

Key crews can mostly be sourced from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Support crews with modest English skills can be sourced locally.

Aerial / Drone Filming

Apart from helicopters and small planes, we can arrange aerial filming from hot air balloons, light-weight planes, paramotor and increasingly popular remote controlled microcopters (drones).

Rigging & Climbing

In Borneo you find the World's tallest tropical trees, limestone cliffs, caves and mountain range with peaks exceeding 4000 meters. If you want to climb or film high above ground, we will get experienced guides and international certified riggers for you.

Underwater Filming

The regions is famed for its unique marine environment. There is a good chance you will require underwater filming services. We can arrange very experienced underwater camera operators including equipment, safety divers for cast and crew plus all the necessary underwater support you need.

VIP Services

Do your talents have special requirements? Don’t hesitate to let us know, even in remote areas we can provide for comfortable amenities.